The New Ford Explorer: Next-Gen SUV

It's unanimous: our Anderson & Koch Ford Inc. team thinks Ford Explorer is the SUV of the future. It combines dashing styling with an innovative drivetrain, an ahead-of-trend engine and scores of ways to tweak driver capabilities according to weather and terrain.

From Beaches to Ballparks

Explorer's Terrain Management System offers driver control over drivetrain optimization in diverse driving conditions. With the touch of a single, easy-to-use button on the central console, you can compel Explorer to adjust itself for stable, deft handling on sand, ice, snow and many other tricky road conditions.

The Safest Hauling Ever

Built to be a workhorse, Explorer tows up to 5,600 pounds when equipped properly. That's almost the weight of some smaller elephants. It's also a recipe for dangerous tipping and swaying. Luckily, Explorer's Roll Stability Control prevents this scenario. It applies brakes intelligently and tweaks engine juice to guarantee stable, straightforward trailer control.

See these and other Explorer features with your own eyes. Pop into our dealership today for a fun, quick test drive.


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