Back in the day, the majority of people who needed to buy vehicles often had to spend large amounts of time and effort in order to locate even one vehicle that fit their needs. While many drivers must still go through such processes, the Ford Certified Pre-Owned system offers a better way for prospective car buyers to view and select vehicles. This invaluable service offers many attractive perks, and these include comprehensive warranties, professional inspections, and vehicle history reports.

Individuals who choose to buy vehicles by themselves can be left out in the cold in terms of warranty coverage. As a matter of fact, many drivers who find themselves driving warranty-less vehicles often are forced to spend large amounts of money to take care of expensive repairs. In contrast to this, the Ford Certified Pre-Owned system provides every purchaser with comprehensive warranties that cover components that stretch from the tires to the rooftops.

Warranties are important to ensure against post-purchase damages, but it can also pay for drivers to buy vehicles that are in good working order to start with. The Ford Certified Pre-Owned service takes care of this by providing all of its customers with professionally performed inspections. These inspections cover at least 172 discrete points on vehicles and can give Certified vehicle owners extra peace of mind.

The Ford Certified Pre-Owned system also provides another level of protection in the form of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. The CARFAX system has a proven track record of quickly identifying vehicles which may have suffered specific types of damage in the past. Some of the options covered by the CARFAX service are fire damage, sludge damage, and even inaccurate odometers.



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