The Ford Ranger is a popular pickup thanks to the vehicle's history of durability and reliability. When a full-sized truck is not needed, the mid-sized Ranger is more appealing. The 2019 model is now available for viewing and a quick test drive at Anderson & Koch Ford Inc.

The stylish Ford Ranger is constructed of high-density steel from the frame to the front bumpers. The off-road chassis enables the pickup to be at home on and off the road. Go from two-wheel to four-wheel drive quickly thanks to the electronic system that merely requires a simple turn of a dial.

Equip the pickup with the off-road package when having to routinely deal with tough terrain. The feature includes a protective front steel plate. Skid plates also protect the power-steering, transfer case and fuel tank. The interior boasts a digital instrument cluster that provides up-to-the-minute data concerning steering angle, pitch and roll.



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