The new Ford Flex is a bold and beautiful vehicle that's sure to turn heads. The popular three-row midsize SUV stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique exterior design. The SUV is available at Anderson & Koch Ford Inc. with many optional features as well.

The Flex has a clean and futuristic appearance. Sculpted lines are used throughout the exterior. The sides have aerodynamic lines to help reduce drag as you drive. On the hood of the SUV, horizontal lines are used to accent the wide grille and modern headlight arrangements.

Drivers in North Branch will love the available Multipanel Vista Roof. From outside the SUV, the roof looks smooth and cohesive. From the inside, you and your passengers will be able to enjoy natural light and fresh air. The front seat has a powered roof that can be opened for ventilation. On the second row, there are two small skylights. For the third row, an expansive skylight provides a clear view of the sky above.



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