How Do I Replace a Leaking Exhaust Manifold Gasket?

Exhaust manifold gaskets are difficult to remove and replace. On older vehicles, the process is easier as the exhaust manifold is in plain sight and easy to access. Even with older vehicles, the bolts holding the exhaust manifold in place have experienced high heat and intense cooling causing them to seal to the metal. These bolts are difficult to remove and often require an air-wrench.

In modern vehicles, the exhaust manifold sits behind several layers of hoses, wires, and auxiliary parts. Removing and replacing an exhaust manifold gasket requires the disconnection and removal of several components before you can access the exhaust manifold. After you have replaced the exhaust manifold gasket, the displaced components must be reconnected in a certain order.

Taking your car to our service center at Anderson & Koch Ford Inc. to have their certified technicians handle the job is the best option.

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