Sorting Out the Noises in Your Car

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear whirring and rumbling noise in your car at speeds of 20 mph or above? Different cars have different rear differentials. Nonetheless, if your car has a C-clip, the differential will take turns when making the noise. So, how do you handle all these?

In most cases, worn out pinion bearings produce whirring noises. If you can hear clunking on top of that, it is probably because you may have a chipped or damaged ring gear and sometimes a broken pinion gear too. In the event your car is producing howling noise, it is probably as a result of overly worn out bearings. However, if you only hear rumbling while turning, that is a red flag for bad wheel bearings.

Get to our service center at Anderson & Koch Ford Inc., and we’ll help sort out all the noises you hear in your car. We are highly experienced experts in differential problems and solutions.

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