Ford Expedition: Gearing up for Change

The Ford Expedition changed the game of modern SUVs when it was released in the late 90s. It was one of the first large SUVs to introduce crisp street handling and comfort when most competitors were still producing essentially covered trucks. The all-new Expedition represents another quantum leap, introducing next level comfort, convenience, capability, and efficiency without any compromise in power.

Even though the larger all new Expedition sports a smaller displacement EcoBoost V6, the new 10-speed transmission and improved EcoBoost power output make the Expedition even more nimble and quick than the previous smaller version. The advanced transmission allows for more optimal torque delivery and impressive car-like fuel economy. The improved torque allows for smooth and relaxed driving experience when traversing mountain passes, towing a camper, or just cruising with the family. The 10 speed transmission also features an intelligent engine braking system for maintaining control when hauling heavy loads downhill.

Come see the all new Expedition for yourself at Anderson & Koch Ford Inc. today.



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